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Hey guys, it’s Olivia! As you can tell, the results from last week’s poll are in, and the winner is The Selection by Kiera Cass! We (and hopefully you!) will be reading this book for the first 2 weeks of August. That’s still about a week away, so you have plenty of time to library request, order from Amazon, or buy from Barnes and Noble.

To sign up for this month’s book club, just comment down below and mention that you are signing up for August. If you don’t mention it, we won’t keep track of you! And being ‘part’ of this book club doesn’t mean you have to contribute. You can simply read along with us, if you choose. But it’s best if we keep track of those who are participating (track our growth etc.) so please let us know if you can! We’ll probably think of a better way to have signups eventually, but I (Olivia) am exhausted at the moment and practically brain dead. My creative juices are on holiday until I get more sleep.

Also, I know it sounds crazy, but we’re already looking ahead to what we’ll be reading for August 2012 Part 2! If you have a suggestion, please comment!

We’ll be letting you on later in the month (closer to August 1st) how exactly the splitting of the novel will go. Stay tuned!

If you’d like to talk with us (Yare, Olivia, Alice, and Linda) about next month’s book choice, tweet us with the hashtag #bookfriends. We’d love to talk!

Adios, muchachos!