chat with us about books


If you have a book or ARC you’d like us to review, you can email us at oliviasopinions[at]hotmail[dot]com. Please include the following information in the email:

-Name of Book and author

– Short description of the book (preferably from Goodreads)

-Publisher and Publishing Date (applies even if the book already came out)

-Picture of the cover

If we decide to accept the book, we will email you back with more information. This said however, an acceptance of a request DOES NOT guarantee a review. We prefer to accept paper copies of books. If the e-book is compatible with both Kindle and Nook, it is still in the running for review. If you’d like to send a paper copy, it is preferred but not required that you send more than one copy. (because we like to have all 4 co-founders contribute, and it is easiest if we have more than one copy).

Book Discussion Request

If you’ve found a book that you’d like us to blog/hold a discussion about, you can email us at oliviasopinion[at]hotmail[dot]com. You can also tweet us, @BookBlogFriends or tweet at any of the co-founders.

For easy requesting for book discussion titles ONLY (not reviewing), you can fill out the form below:


We created this blog to facilitate discussion about books and we’d like everyone to be kind to one another. The same etiquette and manner rules that apply in the real world apply here. Please do not bash one another. Thank you.

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