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As of this post, there is exactly 15 minutes before we chat about the first half of The Selection! We’ll be chatting until 8:30 EST, maybe longer depending on how many people get involved! Hope you’ll be joining us!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BookFriendsChat so we can see your questions and responses! I (Olivia) will be asking a lot of questions to get the conversation started, but Linda (@Book_Ninja) and Gaby (@GabyRobbins) will also be there!

Thanks for participating! And remember, keep it polite, kind, and only discuss the first half of the book! No spoilers!

Hope to see y’all there!


Hey y’all! It’s Olivia!

As you know, we’ve been reading The Selection this week, and tomorrow marks one week having passed! That means you should be at least halfway through the book (if you’ve finished it already, that’s ok too)!

The halfway point is at the end of Chapter 12! Sorry I haven’t posted a schedule for reading it earlier, I’ve been crazy busy. The point is, tomorrow, (Tuesday, August 7th) the Book Friends will be discussing the first half of The Selection on Twitter! We’d be happy to have you join us, but we ask that if you’ve finished the book, limit your discussion to the first half.

Also, we are aware of the controversy involving the author of this book and her agent. PLEASE keep all discussion of this out of tomorrow’s Twitter chat! We will discuss it further in later posts, but Twitter is not the place to air your disagreements with an author. Any spammers and/or people tweeting their opinions in a rude or confrontational way will be blocked.Thank you! 🙂

I will post tomorrow a few minutes before the chat to remind you! If you have questions, Linda, Yare, Alice and I will be moderating the chat.

Thanks for joining us! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #bookfriends when discussing us and #BookFriendsChat when in the actual chat!