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The Four Co-Founders

Alice:   A tiny girl who’s 5’8”. Likes to snack on books daily, even when her schedule doesn’t give her much free time. A thoroughly cool kid that sticks her head in books.  A little bit of a dreamer, like the Alice in Alice in Wonderland.

 Olivia: Hey there! I love reading probably more than I should, and writing just as much. I love talking to everyone friendly, and I could ramble on forever! I also love people, therefore I probably love whoever is reading this. Unless you are a genius monkey who can read, in that case I will run away screaming.

Yare: Yare loves books and reading and blogging about books. She also loves coffee and as long as she’s had some, she doesn’t bite.

Linda: The elusive Linda-saurus: Nerdfighter by day, Book Ninja by night. Only native to Florida. Afraid of small children. Is an excellent book stalker. Beware of her sarcastic humor. You’ve been warned.

Our Contributors

Charlotte:  Hey! I’m Charlotte from EponaReviews. I read. I write. I blog. I review. I’m fairy-sized. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell (NERD ALERT!) Aha! 😉 I’m 16 and I’m a UK birdy!

Ashtyn: some same she’s completely obsessed with books, others obviously haven’t met her.  Takes her tea with milk and sugar.  She hopes to one day publish her own books!
Tara: I’m 26, mother of one. I like in NSW Australia and have a passion for the written word. YA paranormal and contemp complete me.

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